How 5G Wireless Goes Hand in Hand With Fiber Optics

Wireless networks are getting better all the time. The most recent development is 5G, which stands for fifth generation, and it will cover a wide range of devices. It will cover fixed network infrastructure as well as mobile which makes people wonder if it will eliminate the need for fiber cables. It is actually quite the opposite. 5G will depend on fiber in order to be fully functional.

Why 5G Wireless Relies on Fiber Optics for Internet Connectivity

Fiber Allows for Increased Speed

5G promised increased speed and even though many people are accustomed to wireless networks, wireless infrastructures actually rely on a huge net of fiber optic cables. Even though it is available as wireless technology, about 90% of it is actually traveled via wireline fiber. If 5G actually plans on delivering what it promises, then fiber optic wires are the only way this can get done because it is the top choice for many mediums when looking towards the future.

Fiber Allows for Better Performance

In addition to the faster speed promise, there is also a goal of better performance. In order to meet this goal, there will need to be even more fiber used all over the globe. There needs to be a solid foundation in order to accomplish the availability and coverage. The idea is that there will be more smaller sites instead of a few large ones because it will allow for more users to utilize the capabilities in an area. Copper or air options will not be able to sustain this so fiber optic is the most viable option.

Fiber is Cost Effective

The last reason that 5G will rely on fiber is that it is very cost effective. Because of its affordability and how long it lasts before it needs to be replaced, it is the best all around option. More companies will be able to utilize it which will result in more people having access to 5G.

Fiber is the only option for 5G when you look at all of these factors. As you can see, fiber optic cables and the 5G network go hand in hand.

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