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DCN & Cloud

In DCN&Cloud network, Optical Transceiver doesn't draw much attentions, but no doubt, it an integral and important parts for the whole structure. Whichever data center can not avoid the arrangement of Optical Transceivers ...



FTTx known as the new generation of optical access network, it applied to connect the ISP with the end users. FTTx can be Active Optical Network and Passive Optical Network(PON)

DCN Cloud

WDM Network

CWDM is loosely used to mean anything not DWDM, and the most "popular" meaning is 8 channels with 20nm spacing, which are centered on 1470/1490/1510/1530/1550/1570/1590/1610. Meanwhile, with low water peak fiber

Testing Installation

Testing & Installation

As the most popular method for fiber connectivity, the fiber patchcord is widely applied in the field. During the installation, calibration and maintain progress, the patchcord usually will experienced multiple plug in-and-out, therefore